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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Finally, I've given up

So, during the past couple of months, I've been up and down. Mostly down. In fact, I've been progressively getting worse and a couple of weeks ago I told David I could no longer carry on the therapy sessions - my life was too full of pain to deal with 'other' stuff.

So, that's it I'm afraid. To date RT hasn't helped me but I know David Mickel would want me to say that that's because I didn't give it enough time. But, I think 9 months is enough.

I hope my blog has been helpful to someone out there.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The week after

So, my meeting with David went very well, apart from forgetting the address! (I had just printed out a map). Nevertheless I enjoyed our meeting. Basically blueprints are patterns of behaviour that recur over and over again, and 'keys' are needed to unlock them and set them free. So David outlined what my keys were and now the MT process for me is slightly different (concentrating on the keys rather than anything else).

So how am I a week on? Well, exactly the same unfortunately. I don't beleive the keys 'match' me as well as David expected and I reckon he'll come up with some good suggestions upon recipt of my MT diary.

For those considering visiting David, I can recommend this B&B as it was only £30 for the night. And not too far from where David practices (a 10 min walk away depending on your strength). If you fly up, as I did go for Easyjet, it was only £50 from Stansted return. Also take the bus to Haymarket from the airport and it can take you right to the hotel (2 min walk).

Monday, September 26, 2005

My impending appointment with David Mickel

About two months ago David recommended that we see each other face to face as he believes that this form of communication (rather than email) will be far better for me. David wants to discuss 'Blueprints' with me, as he reckons its these things that are impeding my recovery. I'm not exactly sure what Blueprints are but from the context of our emails I think they are deeply ingrained patterns of behaviour.

So, my appointment is tomorrow. Its a big step for me, Scotland is a quite some distance away, but I do believe in the background of MT and so want to give this my all. I think that if this doesn't get me better then its time to give up on MT.

Oh, and my health now after doing too much a month ago? No change. Massive pains in my legs even if I do the slightest bit of walking (2/3 minutes). Here's hoping David will be able to suggest some magic.

Monday, September 05, 2005


A week last Thursday I did too much physically. I had planned to visit my sister the other side of the country the following day. If I hadn't gone I would have noticed through my normal routine that I should do less and as I didn't have anything in particular to 'do' that would have been straightforward. However, I went to my sisters and I wasn't in my normal surroundings, or having my usual 'body protective' thoughts. On the Friday my muscles really ached. I should have stayed in bed and done very little to let my muscles recover. However, I was taken away by my adventure to visit my sister. I wasn't overly active, just as active as I 'normally' am. However, this was far too much for someone getting over doing too much for one day. I spent the weekend with my sister doing 'enjoyable activities' and unfortunately I'm paying dearly for not resting. For a few days I was in a lot of intense pain, and now I can just about walk for 3 or 4 minutes without having to sit down for a break. Its very uncomfortable to do anything physical. And unfortunately my life is now very uncomfortable. So this is my warning to those people who are told to 'dump' pacing. I know we are all different, and that might work very well for others, but people, just be careful.

Its nearly two weeks now since the initial over doing it day, and I'm really scared I've done some kind of damage to myself, that I won't get back to my 'normal' level of [poor] health. I normally recover in a few days. So I'm scared and worried. I'm now just trying to do as little as possible, hoping my muscles will repair themselves, but there's been no change this past week. Updates to come for sure.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Discussing the therapy

I though others may find this extract to a reply I sent to a blog reader useful:

When I started MT I was told not to discuss what goes on in my sessions with anyone, and if I did it would hamper my progress. I reasoned that this was because discussing it would inevitably involve 'head-mind' and the person one discusses it with is probably going to want to use head-mind to understand the process. After a few weeks worrying about this and keeping quiet about MT, I realised it was more of a hamper to my development to not discuss it rather than to discuss it. Understanding why Mickel Therapists don't want clients to talk about the sessions I then made sure that if I did talk about it I would not get analytical about it, and if the person was heavily heading down that route I would simply stop the conversation, and say now was not the time. I've got some very open minded friends and talking about MT with them has certainly helped.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Week 15 - Trying...

Received David's replies over the weekend. He really is trying his very best to help me, and what he writes makes a lot of sense. However this email discussion makes progress in understanding what I need to do very s l o w. He is a busy person and it takes a while for him to write back to my mails. He did mention that he may be visiting my part of the country at some point so that may be on the cards to speed things up.

So, I'm still at my brick wall with regards to actions. I hope that the pending replies from my emails will throw some light onto this.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Blog email updates

For those of you that follow my blog I thought it might be good to have alerts via email when this blog gets updated, rather than you having to check every week or so. A Google search for this kind of thing came up with

If you would like to try it out, I've added a useful subscription box to the right hand side of this page underneath all the links. Just enter your email address and you'll get alerts when this page gets updated.