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Thursday, April 07, 2005

The day after the first session

I won't be able to discuss the ins out outs of what happens in the session itself as the therapist strongly encourages clients not to discuss what goes on within that hour. Reverse Therapy submits that analysing the therapy session further with third parties actually deters from what the client is trying to achieve, that is, listening to the mind-body (not the mind-mind). This reminded me somewhat of the work of Eugene T. Gendlin and focusing, this book is a very good introduction to getting more in touch with what the body can tell you about your state of being.

Anyway, back to the session. So, I want to follow Mickel Reverse Therapy's (RT) guidelines as much as possible as I want to do this 'right', so until I'm 'cured', or until I give up on RT, I'll keep what goes on within the session to myself. However, I don't think writing a blog should matter that much, it is much the same as writing in a diary. The only difference is that the world can see my diary! I don't plan to discuss this with anyone who reads the blog until the right time. Nevertheless, I'll try and allude to some general things to help people understand RT better and allow them to make a more informed choice about whether to take it up for themselves.

So, during the session the therapist summarised the theory of Hypothalamusitis that is within Dr David Mickel's book. We then went on to discuss what was going on in my life prior to me becoming ill. From there the therapist provided me with a 'Message' that I tell myself that in simple terms, rejoins the mind and the body. As the therapist says, it's simple, and it did seem very simple, almost too simple, but that could be my strong cynical side coming out. So disbelief is present but put to the side whilst I give RT as best as a go as I can. I left with some straightforward exercises to do and the partings words that only I can make RT work, thinking back, it would have been nice if the words wore we can make RT work.

At the end of the session I asked the therapist a fairly controversial question - 'Why is Reverse Therapy so expensive?' the answer was fairly obvious - a percentage of each session goes towards David Mickel, as he oversees each session, so his time needs to be paid for, and then there is the room. I expressed my discomfort with it, and that I would expect to pay that (and maybe more) for a Dr. with 20 years experience and 10 years of medical training, but not someone with a year or two's training with a year or two's experience. Nevertheless, I accept her answer and paid without complaining further.

I pressed the therapist to say how many sessions I should have before I should see improvements. Six sessions were a good amount the therapist said, and I should see something before that. So, six sessions fortnightly, or possible every three weeks gives me 3-4 months to try RT. However, I believe I'm doing a lot of the RT already (through a good deal of self-development over the last two years) - I may simply need some fine tuning on my direction, so I would expect things to happen maybe after 3 or 4 sessions. I'll get concerned if there is no effect after that.

So, over the next two weeks, before my second session, I'll be carrying out the exercises and hoping something begins to shift.


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