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My experiences with Mickel Reverse Therapy.

Monday, April 04, 2005

The night before my first appointment

Well, I've set this blog up to record my experiences of Mickel Reverse Therapy. I want to add to the knowledge out there on the web. In essence, Reverse Therapy is a new, fairly contraversial, alternative, expensive, talk-based therapy (that isn't psychotherapy) for CFS/ME/FM that has high claims. What it does do is make intuitive sense though for me as its philisophy is based upon CFS being caused by a skewed mind-body link. So, I've decided to use the last bit of my savings and try the therapy out. It may not work and I'll have wasted a wodge of cash. But then again, I beleive there is a fair chance it will work. So I've taken the risk. In fact, I couldn't not do it as I would always be thinking 'what if'. After all, money is there to be spent.

For more info about Reverse Therapy (RT) checkout the following:

This is the main web site of Reverse Therapy that I am going for:

The 'information pack' at the bottom left has all the high-level info you'll need from them.

The guy heading this one 'split up' from his business/therapy partner who also runs this web site:

Likewise, they have their information pack, which can fill a few gaps of the above one.

My feeling is that they are the same therapy, just from different organisations, perhaps will a few insignificant differences.

Here is the story of a person who benefited from Reverse Therapy:

And a person who Reverse Therapy (John Eaton's version) didn't work for: As of July 2005, this link no longer functions, however, you can read Google's cache of the web page. When that dies you can access the Internet Archives version of the person's last entry in 2004, things were still going well for her then (see the lack of archive for 2005).

This page has a some info and a reply from the founder of Reverse Therapy when given tough questions from Dr Charles Shepherd (a CFS expert):

There may be times where I don't go into much detail as things could get fairly personal. Also RT recommends that 'stuff' isn't analysed too much as it can impede the therapy, so I may not ruminate as much as I would normally do. That's it for now....


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