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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Week 1 - e-motions

So far nothing spectacular has happened, but yes its early days. Its worth mentioning that three days after my initial appointment I had a worsening of symptoms for four days, that is, I felt like I had 'the flu'. It was strange as I had only had this 'flu type' once before a couple of weeks ago - dizzy, slightly nauseous, significantly more brain fog and weaker. Before Mickel Reverse Therapy (RT) I would have thought that I picked up a bug as I hadn't over done it on the days before hand. However, the RT model would describe this as an exacerbation of the inflammation of the hypothalamus, which could make sense as nobody around me is ill. It's difficult to reason really on the cause, but I'll give the RT perspective as much consideration as other theories. The RT perspective could match up as I've had a fairly emotional week, and as RT says, e-motions are 'energy in motion'. So it could be that things being stirred up have affected the hypothalamus. Also, a couple of weeks ago, before my first session of RT I had a similar pattern occur, i.e. an emotional few days followed by the same symptoms. This could be co-incidence, or could be something worth investigating, anyway I'll mention it to the RT therapist.

On a different note, Reverse Therapy is a talking based therapy but claims not to be psychotherapy. I doubted this for a while, but then looking up the dictionary definition for psychotherapy being:

"the treatment of mental or emotional problems by psychological means"

It makes sense for RT not to describe the therapy as psychotherapy, as RT aims to....

treat physiological problems by psychological means

Something for you to ponder on.


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