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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Psychology & Health

I thought those less news group savvy readers might like to see a posting I made to recently. The message is in response to a someone who was (understandably) very concerned with people addressing CFS as a pschological illness, which was a response to a BBC article about a woman recovering from CFS using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

"I completely agree with you that CFS is a physical illness, I have serious physical symptoms that debilitate my life. However I'm open to the suggestion that the mind plays a part in our health. I've tried nearly every physically oriented thing possible to get be better, and now, I'm taking a close look at my self and trying to see what things could change to improve my health. I wouldn't strictly say I'm looking at the mental aspects or psychological aspects of myself as there are no hard and fast current models. I'm much more comfortable in using the terms 'true self' or 'soul' instead of 'psychological'. However, there is some research to suggest that there is a link between type C personalities and health.

Unfortunately not everything is on the web - here is a book chapter that has been suggested to me (which I haven't read yet) that points in this direction.

Title: Personality and health: Dispositions and processes in disease
susceptibility and adaptation to illness
Source: In: Pervin, Lawrence A.; Ed; Handbook of personality: Theory and
research.; 638-669; New York, NY, US, 1990, xiv, 738
Author(s): Contrada, Richard J. ; Leventhal, Howard ; O'Leary, Ann
Standard No: ISBN: 0-89862-430-4 (hardcover)

However, saying that, a Google search on type C personalities and health brought up a book review. Which when taken with the usual internet pinch of salt does make good skim reading, where actually, the book synopsis makes better reading.

I've discovered recently that I thought I was less of a type C personality that I actually am. I'm now trying to figure out the best way I can creatively respond to my personality type, my conditioning and my current life. I'm hoping that this will lead to better health."


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