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My experiences with Mickel Reverse Therapy.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Week 9 - Getting help

David wrote back recommending that he takes over my Mickel Reverse Therapy via email, which is wonderful as I'll be getting the therapy straight from the horses mouth. I don't believe that the format of the therapy will be an issue as its not really psychotherapy that we are dealing with (where non-verbal communication is very important) but the process is much more about me getting to understand the therapy and how I can apply it. I assume he could see that MRT wasn't working with my local therapist and saw that I was soon to quit and that he wanted to help. The feedback I got from my initial emails was very informative. The most important thing I learnt was that the MRT diary should be written as soon as symptoms occur, not just when I finished whatever I was doing. This has helped a lot to find the e-motional state I was in for that situation. I'm still however having great difficulties in finding the corresponding action that my body/true self would like, which is quite frustrating. He asked me to send him a weeks worth of MRT diary (which is now much more comprehensive because of his feedback) and I'm currently in the process of typing it out.


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