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My experiences with Mickel Reverse Therapy.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Discussing the therapy

I though others may find this extract to a reply I sent to a blog reader useful:

When I started MT I was told not to discuss what goes on in my sessions with anyone, and if I did it would hamper my progress. I reasoned that this was because discussing it would inevitably involve 'head-mind' and the person one discusses it with is probably going to want to use head-mind to understand the process. After a few weeks worrying about this and keeping quiet about MT, I realised it was more of a hamper to my development to not discuss it rather than to discuss it. Understanding why Mickel Therapists don't want clients to talk about the sessions I then made sure that if I did talk about it I would not get analytical about it, and if the person was heavily heading down that route I would simply stop the conversation, and say now was not the time. I've got some very open minded friends and talking about MT with them has certainly helped.


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