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Monday, September 26, 2005

My impending appointment with David Mickel

About two months ago David recommended that we see each other face to face as he believes that this form of communication (rather than email) will be far better for me. David wants to discuss 'Blueprints' with me, as he reckons its these things that are impeding my recovery. I'm not exactly sure what Blueprints are but from the context of our emails I think they are deeply ingrained patterns of behaviour.

So, my appointment is tomorrow. Its a big step for me, Scotland is a quite some distance away, but I do believe in the background of MT and so want to give this my all. I think that if this doesn't get me better then its time to give up on MT.

Oh, and my health now after doing too much a month ago? No change. Massive pains in my legs even if I do the slightest bit of walking (2/3 minutes). Here's hoping David will be able to suggest some magic.


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