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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The week after

So, my meeting with David went very well, apart from forgetting the address! (I had just printed out a map). Nevertheless I enjoyed our meeting. Basically blueprints are patterns of behaviour that recur over and over again, and 'keys' are needed to unlock them and set them free. So David outlined what my keys were and now the MT process for me is slightly different (concentrating on the keys rather than anything else).

So how am I a week on? Well, exactly the same unfortunately. I don't beleive the keys 'match' me as well as David expected and I reckon he'll come up with some good suggestions upon recipt of my MT diary.

For those considering visiting David, I can recommend this B&B as it was only £30 for the night. And not too far from where David practices (a 10 min walk away depending on your strength). If you fly up, as I did go for Easyjet, it was only £50 from Stansted return. Also take the bus to Haymarket from the airport and it can take you right to the hotel (2 min walk).


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